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“Boabom gives me flourishing health, pharmacy a mind full of lucidity and joy, a flexible and strong will. What more than this can be asked …?” (from The Secret Art of Boabom)

The Arts taught by our School can be described from many different points of view, but in their essence the ideals of health and vitality are always present. If you would like, you can read the opinions of some professionals who have taken our courses.


The ideals of health and vitality are an integral part of our Arts. They also speak of a health that is not merely physical but holistic: a concept of “being” and “feeling” well. Thus the health of our students improves drastically as they pass through the stages of our Art. This integral health is directly related to the equilibrium of body and mind developed by our teachings, strengthening our immune system and preventing future disease in all of the body’s integral systems.

Here is a summary of positive results reported by many students of Boabom:

  1. The Circulatory system:Boabom strengthens the heart through aerobic exercise, generally improving the function of the circulatory system (through weight loss, potentially lower cholesterol and blood pressure, etc.)
  2. The Respiratory system: The breathing techniques of Boabom improve pulmonary capacity and cleanse the breathing tract, potentially aiding the student in quitting smoking, as well as alleviating some symptoms of asthama and other respiratory ailments.
  3. The Skeletal system: By supporting the whole body Boabom can make for a generally healthier and more mobile skeletal system; helping to relieve the symptoms of diseases such as arthritis, bursitis, etc.
  4. The Muscular system: Boabom develops a harmonious and healthy muscular system while simultaneously relaxing and re-energizing all of the muscles in the body.
  5. The Digestive system: By practicing the cycles of movement in Boabom, as a system of relaxation, the student’s digestion improves, potentially helping to alleviate the symptoms of digestive ailments.
  6. The Immune system: The positive energy developed by the student of Boabom carries to the body’s defenses, potentially improving the functioning of the immune system, as the defenses of the human organism are inextricably tied to its mental and emotional state.
  7. The Nervous system: The Boabom student becomes more balanced and centered, which can aid her or him in combating depression and other negative mental states. The students sleep better as stress, with all of its attendant concerns, dissipates.
  8. General Emotional State: Through studying these Arts, the student increases her or his feelings of personal security and self-confidence, developing tranquility and strength of character alongside humility, self-control, and a healthy, positive energy.

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Note: The complete study is in the The Secret Art of Boabomby Asanaro.
Summary of the Study:
Number of respondents: 80

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Final Comments The results of the present investigation allowed us to make a first approach to the positive effects that for years were verbally described by those who practice the discipline of Boabom. Starting from the obtained results, as in any investigation new questions arise that can only be answered through future investigative efforts, whether along the proposed lines or in any new direction which might emerge from the creative mind of any reader.Despite this, we cannot forget that the scientific thought is only one great method to come closer to knowledge, and in no way it is possible to fully broach the challenge of the individual experience. No matter how much we try to measure effects, understand processes, or evaluate the development of the practice of this discipline, no matter how much we analyze it in detail and later on categorize the results, never will the whole will be equal to the sum of the parts, and hardly will it be possible to transmit on paper the sensations and emotions of those who practice relaxation in movement, which, according to what has been presented in this work, gives multiple benefits to human development and to the quality of life of those who practice it. Investigation is necessary: it allows us to organize and present to others something as positive as Boabom, but it is naïve to think that it is enough.

February 28, 2005.