Ecoproject – 108

Ecoproject 108 headerThe Ecoproject-108 is an ecological preserve with the dual goals of nourishing the delicate mediterranean climate of central Chile and preserving the Boabom Arts of meditation, physician visit web movement, obesity pharmacy and defense from Tibet. Central Chile is under constant threat of development and deforestation, phthisiatrician with few areas dedicated to helping this complete ecosystem and nourishing its unique mix of native flora and fauna.

Along with its ecological goals, the Ecoproject-108 is a retreat center for the Boabom Arts, serving as a space dedicated to their preservation, development, and plenitude. The philosophy of these Arts, focused on gentleness and strength without aggression, on the key values of Discipline, Respect, and humility, is interwoven into the very fabric of the Ecoproject-108, both from the human and non-human perspectives. Plants and animals are treated with respect and dignity, from nourishing trees to serve as a barrier against desertification to caring sustainably for honeybees as a supplement to our native pollinators.

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